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Digital Photography

With the boom in digital photography, many of us are left wondering what camera is best suited to our needs and budget, and then once we have the camera, how do we print, display and catalogue all of those digital photos in a way that makes sense?

The macfixer is able to assist you with all your digital photography needs, from advice on purchasing the most suitable camera, through to printing and archiving those photo files. We can give you advice on purchase of a Digital Camera and the Photo Printer you need to show those photos at their best.


Most digital cameras come with some software that needs to be installed and perhaps updated to the latest version in order to get the most out of the camera. The macfixer can assist with this process and show you how Apple’s Photos may be alternatives to the Camera Software..

As a Digital Camera User, the macfixer can help with your Digital Photography needs. Some Cameras supply software, but Apple’s iPhoto and Photos are excellent ways to organise your photos. If you need advice on your next Camera Purchase we can provide independent buying advice for the novice through to the professional user.

Tuition in Digital Image Software Use

Sometimes after taking those magnificent photos, you may not be 100% happy with the image but help is at hand with the macfixer. There are many programs that allow you to adjust images to make them brighter, darker, and crop to make sure that you are happy with the end result every time.

Two Photographs

Photos allow you do all these things but other programs can give you more control of the finished image. An important duty of any computer user, is to make Backups of your valuable files and data, we can show you how to Backup to CD/DVD, an External or Internal Hard Drive or to other sources.