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The macfixer is Geoff Wallace, who has extensive Computing Experience since 1986, when he started using an Apple Mac with 128 kb of RAM Memory.

He currently uses a 27” iMac with 24 GB of RAM and a MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM.

We have been fixing Apple Macintosh Computers since 2000. No problem is too big or too small.


Geoff has been a member of AUSOM, the Apple Users Society of Melbourne since 1999 and runs a SIG (Special Interest Group) monthly for Members.

Since 2000 Geoff has been repairing and servicing Macintosh Computers full time so that Mac Users can be productive and get value and enjoyment from their computing experience.

All this Mac experience, is the assurance that your Mac problems, will be solved in a timely and cost effective manner, by an experienced Mac Trouble Shooter and that your Tuition will enrich your Apple Macintosh Computing experience.

If you use or own an Apple Macintosh Computer, at some time you will need the macfixer.

Payment options

The macfixer accepts payments by Cash, Cheque and Direct Deposit.

At the completion of the Service Call, the macfixer will issue a pdf Invoice complete with all the Payment Options and Bank Account Payment Details.