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Apple Mac Computers

We can solve all your problems with your Software, Hardware and Operating System. Keeping up to date with all the latest information regarding developments on both the Apple Mac itself and the operating system, the macfixer can help you make sure that your Mac is always operating at 100% efficiency whether at the office or in the home environment.

Mobile devices iPhone, iPad, iPod

We can trouble shoot your Mobile Devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPods etc, fix your WiFi Network Problems, trouble shoot iTunes sync problems etc.

Problem Solving

Problems with your Mac Hardware and Software are usually curable, if you have the right tools and knowledge to find and cure the problem. The experience of using Macs since 1986 gives the macfixer an extensive knowledge base to call on.

We have experience with all sorts of Software and Hardware problems. We can help solve your problems and let you get on with earning a dollar or preparing those photos of the grandkids. The problems that one can experience with a computer are various. Here are just a few of them.

  • Faulty hardware
  • Incorrect installation of software and applications
  • Printing difficulties
  • Crashes
  • Network Issues
  • Peripheral Connection Problems (USB, Firewire etc)
  • Boot and Shutdown errors
  • Scanners & Digital Camera performance
  • Internet Connection Problems & Setup
  • File recovery
  • WiFi Connection problems
  • Mobile Device Apps
  • iOS Updates
  • Connection and Syncing issues

All of these problems can be diagnosed and repaired to get your Mac and Mobile Devices running at there best, usually without any risk to your existing files. If a repeat of the problem can be prevented, we will advise the Software and or Hardware needed to fix the problem permanently.